Why You Need to Get Started Today

Self-Discovery. Self-Expression. Self-Love.

Why You Need to Get Started Today

Take Inspired Action by Dominique D. Wilson

  1. Why You Need To Get Started Today

Have you gotten started yet?

That business you've been talking about...

That book you said you'd write...

That blog you've been thinking about creating...

There's no better time than now to take inspired action toward your purpose.

I believe that each of us has a unique set of gifts that empower us to fulfill our unique purpose of delivering value to humanity when we choose to show up in the world fully!

I also believe that purpose is an extension of your story, which holds the key to who you are and why you're here.

The challenges you've overcome, the adversity you've experienced, and that tugging sense you've always had that your life is meant for a greater purpose regardless of what everyone else told you...

That's where you look to find your voice.

What can you share to inspire, teach, or empower someone else?

...That little girl or boy who's now going through the same thing you went through, what truth do you want them to know about themselves, the world, and life in general?

How have your skills, talents, natural gifts, and experiences equipped you? How are you better off now?

What's the point if you never tell anyone about it?

What's the point if you never create anything with it?

What's the point if you never reach out and use it to learn, grow, and contribute?

Procrastination happens when we make excuses for why we're not ready in order to avoid failure, or rejection.

But, failure is necessary part of growth and progress. Think about a child learning to walk—every time they fall down, they become a bit wiser about how to stand strong. 

You see? There's no such thing as failure. But, fear is real, and something that will never completely go away.

No matter how successful you are, fear will always be there to greet you at the doorway of anything new.

So rather than try to deny or overcome it, simply acknowledge it's presence and keep on just as you originally intended.

If you get discouraged or overwhelmed, just remember how far you've already come. You are amazing.

What do you want to leave behind in this world?

What do you want to be known and remembered for?

How are WE better off because YOU ARE HERE?

The world wants to know!

Someone out there needs you now.

Someone is waiting to be uplifted by the good news that only you can share using your unique gifts and voice.

So, I invite you to look again. 

Take another look at your story. See how the wisdom, insight, knowledge, empathy, and courage you've gained along the way might inspire someone else.

Think of how your testimony and your advice could help them to transform their life.

Maybe they'll become a better parent, teacher, sister, brother, or leader...

Maybe they'll finally heal from emotional trauma...

Maybe they just need to hear how YOU did it so they can know it's possible to achieve their vision of happiness & success.

Your purpose is so much bigger than you, and you'll never know the amazing impact it can have until you start walking in it.

So, don't let another week just drift by.

Give yourself permission to take inspired action!

You can do it. You are ready.

What you know is valuable.

Yes, you've got this!

Post a comment below sharing just ONE small step you can take this week in the direction of your purpose.

I can't wait to read your comment!

In Peace & Beauty,

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Dominique D Wilson