Dominique D. Wilson


In addition to providing handmade products for holistic self-care—I help spiritual women to discover their unique voice, and express their gifts into the world by starting a blog.

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I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

"You get to choose how you show up in life. Love yourself fiercely, own your story, and say YES to your calling!"

In Peace & Beauty,


Express Yourself 5-Day Blogging Challenge | Dominique D Wilson

FREE EXPRESS YOURSELF 5-Day Blogging Challenge

Are you a woman with an UNTOLD inspirational story of personal transformation or self-healing?

Are you an entrepreneurial woman with (or planning to start) a creative or spiritual business, but you haven't started blogging consistently because you simply don't know what to write?

Are you ready to take inspired action and put yourself out there so that you can connect with the hearts and minds of the people who need your message, products, and services the most?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, this FREE 5-day blogging challenge is for YOU!

You'll get step-by-step guidance to focus your messagechallenge limiting beliefs that hold you back from standing in your power, write your bio, publish a winning About page for your blog, develop a light content creation strategy to stay on track, and publish your first blog among a supportive community of inspired women who are also committed to heart-centered work!

PLUS, overcome writer's block, create consistent content that inspires, and leverage social media to promote your blog.

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