Sacral Chakra Beginners Guide

Sacral Chakra Beginner's Guide | Dominique D. Wilson

The sacral chakra houses creative energy, or universal life force—governing your sensuality, creativity, and passion.

In Sanskrit, it's referred to as Svadhisthana, which means 'where the Self lives.' It breaks down into two Sanskrit words: swa meaning 'one's own', and adhisthana, which means 'home or seat.'

Sensuality is a combination of your power to feel and to create on all levels of being—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It determines the extent to which you are able to experience, express, and pursue all forms of pleasure in life.

Building on the secure foundation of purpose from the root chakra, your sacral chakra enables your emotions, passions, ideas, gifts, and inspiration be creatively expressed through your behavior.

This energy center is also the gateway to authentic, non-verbal self-expression, intimacy in relationship, and the ability to receive with joy and pleasure.

The following list of correspondences can help you to open and energize your sacral chakra—allowing your creativity to be fully expressed in the way that you show up in the world.

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 Chakra: 2nd chakra; sacral chakra; sex chakra; navel chakra; Svadhisthana

Body Systems: Reproductive, circulatory, excretory

Location: Below the navel (center of the reproductive organs)

Significance: Growth, creativity, pleasure, emotions, sensuality, sexuality, fertility, passion, giving and receiving freely, socialization, self-expression, authenticity, nurturing

Sense: Taste

Color: Orange

Mantra (sound): VAM

Herbs: Flax seed, red raspberry leaf, stinging nettle, Uva ursi (bear berry), juniper berry, Cascara sagrada (buckthorn), slippery elm, damiana

Element: Water

Stones: Orange Calcite, Citrine, Carnelian, Moonstone

Affirmation: I own my sensuality, I honor my creativity, and I accept the beauty in my power to feel.

Balance: Reiki therapy, Womb Reiki, Yoni steaming, forgiveness work, Mula Bandha, Kegel exercises, belly dance, womb yoga, breathwork

Unbalanced: Womb and vaginal issues, infertility, sexual dysfunction, envy, possessiveness, overindulgence, hoarding, and jealousy


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