16 Ways to Journal Like a Boss

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16 Ways to Journal Like a Boss

16 Ways to Empower Yourself by Journaling

16 Ways to Empower Yourself by JournalingIs your journal helping or hurting your progress?

Effective daily journaling can help you increase your clarity, confidence, self-awareness, and self-worth.


Ineffective journaling can actually work against you. So I'll share some tips on how you can get the most out this practice, as well as some things that you should avoid.

Not only is writing a personal development strategy, but it's also a powerful spiritual practice—granting quicker access to the wisdom, clarity, and guidance provided by your Higher Self. 

How To Journal Effectively

The physical act of writing is a highly creative process, so be mindful of what your are creating when you put pen to paper.

It's important that you focus on writing about what you WANT to create in your life.

Avoid venting, expressing anger, fear, or doubt unless you are working through a specific limiting belief.

Rather than logging daily your thoughts as a general brain dump, use your journal to empower yourself.

Always Ask a Powerful Question

When you go through a difficult circumstance, or see the same problem popping up no matter what you do—it's imperative that you pay attention to your self talk.

Are you beating yourself up asking disempowering questions:?

...why does this always happen to me?

...why doesn't he love me?

...will I ever get out of debt?

Your mind is obedient, and a lot like a search engine. If you type a question into Google, it will give you answers to validate whatever you've asked.

So, NEVER ask your mind to validate that you are unworthy, unfortunate, broken, or incomplete.

It's natural to feel down sometimes, but sometimes when you feel frustrated, hurt, angry, disappointed, embarrassed...etc—you don't need to do anything right away.

Allow yourself a few minutes to actually feel  your feelings without judging them or trying to change them.

Then, grab your journal and ask yourself a powerful question so shift your energy back to a higher vibration. (i.e. "How does it get any better than this?" )

You may not want to do this (especially if you're pissed off at the moment), but do it anyway—this is the work!

16 Ways to Journal Like a Boss

1)  Work through limiting beliefs to overcome them

2)  Ask and answer powerful open-ended questions

3)  Dialogue with your Higher Power

4)  Solve complex issues

5)  Set daily & weekly intentions

6)  Express gratitude daily

7)  Set goals

8)  Write your vision to get clarity on what you really want

9)  Complete self-help exercises

10)  Log meditation insights

11)  Log and interpret dreams

12)  Log your daily, weekly, monthly wins and aha moments

13)  Do emotional release and forgiveness work (i.e write a letter to someone who you feel has hurt you for your eyes only)

14)  Create your own affirmations

15)  Log prayers

16)  Write original lyrics or poetry

Your Assignment:

>>Step 1:  Purchase or create a self-empowerment journal, and write for at least 15 minutes every day.

>>Step 2:  Post a comment below with your answer to the following:

List one thing you're grateful for, and one thing you'd like to change.

I look forward to reading your comment below!

In Peace & Beauty,


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