How To Love Yourself Fiercely

How To Love Yourself Fiercely

How To Love Yourself Fiercely

Learn how to love yourself fiercely to tap into your power, discover your purpose, and create a heart-centered life that brings you bliss!

You can start cultivating self-love today by taking 3 actionable steps—accept yourself fully, own your story, and step up your self-care game!

Step 1: Acceptance

Self-love begins when you choose to accept yourself fully—no matter what what life looks like for you at that moment. Regardless of the journey that brought you to this very moment, your ability to accept yourself now is a choice.

Do this and you'll develop a greater level of self-awareness where some awesome shift happens!

Accept your body, your personality, your quirks, your financial situation, you relationship status, your career status, your social life, your failures and imperfections—everything!

Think of it as summoning all those scattered pieces of you—the parts you're proud of and those you'd rather hide. Radical self acceptance is the path to becoming whole—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Whether you're visualizing, speaking or writing your answers to this step, I challenge you to list off each characteristic beginning with "I AM..." or "I accept my...".

Remember to have a much compassion on yourself as you would with a child or a friend...and tell that inner critic to have several seats!

Step 2: Own Your Story

Everyone's story has support, challenge, success, failure, darkness, light, pain, and pleasure. However, victim-hood is a choice, and usually the result of one's failure to own some aspect of their story.

What do I mean by owning it? Accept your story by choosing to see the balance that's always existed, and then give thanks for ALL of your experiences. Collectively those experiences created YOU...a victorious, radiant expression of divine Love!

To love yourself today, you must be willing to appreciate where you came from. Painful experiences don't have to be obstacles, you have the power to transform pain into purpose.

What if you instead chose to perceive those experiences as "on the way, not "in the way" as the famous Dr. John Demartini would say?

This may be one of the hardest things you'll ever do, but the payoff is invaluable—a life of personal freedom and fulfillment. I'd say it's worth a shot.

Step 3: Self-Care

Self-care is a huge contributor to self-love, and the only step that requires physical action. I'm not just talking about eating right and exercising—there's so much more to explore.

If you're a spiritual being having a physical experience, then it's important to nourish your body in a tangible way—this includes the bringing pleasure to all 5 senses.

How might you go about introducing beauty to your senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing on a daily basis?

What makes you feel valued by others? Do it for yourself often (buy yourself flowers, practice self-massage, or take yourself on dates).

When you feel good you actually increase your flow of life force energy, and vibrate at a higher frequency. Then you attract an energetic match in all areas of your life—people, things, and opportunities.

Follow steps and you're on your way to becoming the greatest version of yourself!

What does self-love mean for you? Leave a comment below!

Dominique Wilson, Everything She Touches

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