How To Do A Self-Blessing

How To Do A Self-Blessing

Self-blessing has been in personal and ceremonial use for many years by people around the world for divine protection and favor.

In this blog I'll share how you can incorporate this beautiful practice into you self-care routine, and why it beneficial.

Self-blessing is for anyone and everyone who can use a little extra dose of self-love!

What is a Self-Blessing?

A self-blessing is an invocation of Love (Grace, Universal Life Force, Chi, Prana, God's presence, Higher Self) for the purpose of surrounding yourself with protection and favor.

It's a method of grounding, honoring your being (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), and anchoring your thoughts in Love.

Benefits of Self-Blessing

Adding this beautiful practice to your daily self-care routine will help you to cultivate self-love and raise your vibration.

Self-blessing is a powerful way to move from a place of emotional pain to one of purpose.

This is for you if you struggle with any of the following:

Feelings of brokenness, abandonment issues, unworthiness (low self-worth, low self-esteem, self-loathing), bitterness, feeling like a victim, self-criticism, a lack of compassion, people-pleasing behavior, ruminating on negative experiences, self-defeating thoughts, negative beliefs about yourself and other, difficulty with empathy, feelings of disconnection, and emptiness.

Simply begin and end each day with a 5-7 minute self-blessing to raise your vibration.

Don't worry about what you life looks like right now, because every situation is temporary.

Don't concern yourself with how things will get better. Just assume they are already better and keep you eye on he prize—I'm talkin' about lazer-like focus on being whole.

Over time, you'll start shifting your mindset to one that is in alignment with your highest good. You are powerful beyond measure. You've got this!

How To Do A Self-Blessing

There is no right or wrong way to do a self-blessing.

Simply use your favorite oil (i.e. our Self-Blessing Oil) to anoint any body part that you wish to bless.

As you anoint each area, speak words of affirmation to declare the blessing. 5-7 minutes at the beginning and end of each day goes a long way.

Here are some examples to get started, but feel free to create your own words of power!


Support, balance, courage, self-advocacy, self-responsibility, conviction, accountability

Affirmation: "Blessed are the feet that walk my sacred path. I give thanks for the power to take a stand."


Movement, action, power, will, direction, change, flexibility, agility, strength, support

Affirmation: "Blessed are the legs that fearlessly move me forward with agility and grace."


Creativity, sensuality, pleasure, sex, connection, memory, emotion, self-expression, feeling

Affirmation: "Blessed is my Yoni, the divine gateway between worlds—seen and unseen. I give thanks for the ability to feel."


Love, acceptance, compassion, relationships, vulnerability, empathy, intelligence, peace

Affirmation: "Blessed is my heart that remains open to the power of Love. I give thanks for vulnerability, compassion, and divine intelligence."


Touch, influence, communication, security, service, utility, protection, exchange

Affirmation: "Blessed are the hands that faithfully serve in alignment with my highest values."


Honest communication, self-expression, listening, authenticity, creation, manifestation

Affirmation: "Blessed is my throat. I listen objectively, with an open heart and mind, and release any agenda. I speak my truth with empathy, wisdom, courage, and charisma."

Top of Head

Self-awareness, thought, wisdom, inspiration, spiritual awareness, intuition, vision, physical homeostasis

Affirmation: "Blessed is my body from head to toe. I now experience perfect health, and I know that I AM an expression of unconditional Love—whole, perfect, and complete."

Dominique Wilson, Everything She Touches

How To Do A Self-Blessing


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