Are you a woman with an UNTOLD inspirational story of personal transformation or self-healing? Are you an entrepreneurial woman with (or planning to start) a creative or spiritual business, but you haven't started blogging consistently because you simply don't know what to write? Are you ready to take inspired action and put yourself out there so that you can connect […]

Free 5-Day Blogging Challenge

  Do you dream of making a positive impact on the world? Are you pretty clear how your big vision will finally look once it all comes together, but unsure of how to actually get started? Whether you're a creative, solopreneur, stay-at-home-mompreneur (like me), holistic practitioner, small business owner, or a multipassionate […]

5 Reasons to Start Blogging

5 Ways to Increase Your Self-Confidence | Dominique D Wilson
Confidence is a mindset supported by living in alignment with your highest Self. Learn 5 ways to increase your self-confidence from a holistic perspective based on my journey of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. #1: Love Yourself Fiercely! Confidence begins with self-love. Love simply means 'unconditional acceptance,' and loving yourself means accepting […]

5 Ways to Increase Your Self-Confidence

Heart Chakra Beginners Guide © Dominique D. Wilson. All Rights Reserved.
The heart chakra is the gateway to your experience of love, compassion, and serenity. It's the energetic center that we tap into for divine intelligence, empathy, connection, acceptance, and peace. In Sanskrit, it's referred to as Anahata, which means unstruck, unhurt, or unbeaten. Anahata describes our pure, unconditional essence of being that […]

Heart Chakra Beginners Guide

Ruled by the sun and fire—the solar plexus chakra is generator of personal power, confidence, and warrior energy. It's where we channel the energy to take inspired action regardless of any fear or doubt that may be present. In Sanskrit, it's referred to as Manipura, which means city of jewels. I imagine this […]

Solar Plexus Chakra Beginners Guide

Sacral Chakra Beginner's Guide | Dominique D. Wilson
The sacral chakra houses creative energy, or universal life force—governing your sensuality, creativity, and passion. In Sanskrit, it's referred to as Svadhisthana, which means 'where the Self lives.' It breaks down into two Sanskrit words: swa meaning 'one's own', and adhisthana, which means 'home or seat.' Sensuality is a combination of your power to feel […]

Sacral Chakra Beginners Guide

Root Chakra
It is through your root chakra that you establish a foundation for how you will journey through your life experiences. It governs your overall sense of survival, safety, security, and trust. Our overall sense of purpose and connection to the Universal Life Force begins at the root. It's a portal through […]

Root Chakra Beginners Guide

How to Set Up a Wordpress Blog | Dominique D Wilson
If you want to create a business that is sustainable and scalable in today's world—having your own, professional website is a must, no matter what services or products you provide. As spiritual entrepreneurs driven by purpose, you'll discover that your website becomes an effective tool for reaching out and connecting […]

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog

How to Tell People What You Do | Dominique D. Wilson
There's nothing more startling than being asked, "So, what do you do?" during small talk at a dinner party.   If you've ever felt awkward or like a deer in headlights after being asked this—it's not you, it's honestly a terrible question.   And here's why...   When someone asks what […]

How to Tell People What You Do

16 Ways to Declutter Your Energy | Dominique D. Wilson
As healers, we tend to attract people into our lives (personal and professional relationships) who are dealing with lots of pain and conflict in their lives because it's our divine calling to guide them back to their inner light of truth. BUT, this also means that we spend more time […]

16 Ways to Declutter Your Energy

Are you satisfied with your progress this year? Now, in the final quarter of the year, emotions are running high. Many of us are beginning a deep process of self-reflection that autumn usually ushers in. Self-reflection is a healthy process when your intention is to mine your experiences for wisdom […]

3 Tips to Finish Strong in 2017