5 Crystals For A Spiritual Bath

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Crystals are made up of minerals that undergo a magnificent process of transformation within the earth. They embody perfection, resilience and offer supportive energies that benefit us on our journey to self-love.

Though you can carry crystal with you anywhere, we really enjoy bringing them into the spiritual bath experience. You can place them around the edges of the tub, in the water or on your body. Some stones are incompatible with water so please do your research first.

For more details on how to take a spiritual bath, read our post.

To get you started, our five favorite crystals to bring into the spiritual bath are Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, and Tiger's Eye.

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Rose quartz placed over your heart and/or womb increases your receptivity to love as you release anger, fear, and pent up emotions. Helpful in all matters of the heart, this is by far our favorite stone!

rose-quartz, pink crystal, rose quartz crystal, sea salt bath,herbal bath, emotional healing, womb wellness, self-love

Amethyst helps with releasing negative emotions, and connecting to your intuition. This is a great meditative stone.

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Citrine stimulates energetic flow. It helps to break up stagnancy, establish clarity, and keep negativity at bay. This is a great stone to create sacred space, clarify intentions, and inspire action.

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Clear quartz has several uses including mental clarity, receptivity to divine wisdom, and purification.

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Tiger's eye is very grounding and helps you build a strong foundation. Interestingly it stimulates the solar plexus chakra promoting integrity, authenticity and boldness. This is a great stone for anyone who could use stronger boundaries, and an increase in self-confidence.

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How have you used crystals on your journey? Please leave your comments below!


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