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Let's face it, lip care can be tricky to maintain especially when you encounter cold or dry weather conditions, dehydration, irritating ingredients, or sensitivity to other environmental factors. No matter what time of the year, my top 5 beauty secrets will help you maintain beautiful lips—say goodbye to dry, chapped lips for good!

1 - Stay Hydrated

Lips are visual indicators of our body’s overall level of hydration. Are you lips dry, scaly, flaking or chapped? Try drinking more water—yup, at least 8 full glasses per day.

2 - Wear a Hydrating Lip Gloss or Balm Daily

Unlike the rest of your skin, the lips do not produce sebum—natural oils. Therefore, adding an effective moisturizer to the lip is a must, especially during the colder months. Grab a pot of our Hydrating Lip Gloss—it's the perfect addition to any lip care regimen.

“Lips are more susceptible to drying because the surface of the lips is technically called mucous membrane, and it functions best when slightly moist,"

-Jessica Krant, dermatologist and founder of the Art of Dermatology practice in New York City.

3 - Avoid Lip Licking

Ever notice how quickly your lips dry out just after licking them? Thanks to the surrounding air, you end up repeating the process over and over. Meanwhile the natural digestive enzymes in your saliva are breaking down your skin's protective, outer layer. The end result? Dry, flaky, and peeling lips.

4 - Exfoliate Lips

Every so often, you should exfoliate your lips. A lip scrub is a great way to quickly buff away any stubborn, dead skin cells. You're welcome to try my free DIY lip scrub recipe.

5 - Add Moisture to the Air

Having the heater on is a luxury once cold weather arrives, but the resulting lack of humidity in the air has a drying effect on skin. Environments with low/no humidity can have the same effect.

Investing in a humidifier is a best way to add moisture to the air and protect your skin. Don't like the steam? Try a cool mist humidifier instead.


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