16 Ways to Declutter Your Energy

16 Ways to Declutter Your Energy | Dominique D. Wilson

As healers, we tend to attract people into our lives (personal and professional relationships) who are dealing with lots of pain and conflict in their lives because it's our divine calling to guide them back to their inner light of truth.

BUT, this also means that we spend more time around an energy that doesn't support us in our personal journey.

There's a difference between having empathy, and getting emotionally attached to other people's problems. 

Often, because we want to be helpful to our friends and family, it's easy to get over-involved when they tell us about their concerns.

The same can happen with clients.

Ever found yourself lying in bed at night thinking about a stressful event in your client's life?

It happens.

Many of us slip into the arena of emotional attachment before we even realize it!

But, the more we practice self-care and increase our self-awareness through journaling and meditation—the easier it becomes to notice when we're spending our energy in a way that doesn't serve us.

So, this post is about self-care for spiritual entrepreneurs because sometimes we need a gentle reminder to shift our focus back to what's most important in out lives—US.


How Are You Spending Your Energy?

Here's a few questions to get you thinking about how you're currently spending your energy.

What are the top 3 ways you spent your energy over the past few weeks?

Who or what are you thinking about most throughout the day?

Look around. What's filling your space? How does that make you feel?

Do you feel inspired by the people, things, and circumstances present in your life right now?

...Or, are they killing your vibe?


How to Declutter Your Energy

Decluttering your energy means letting go of what isn't serving you so that you can create the space in your life to create more happiness, joy, prosperity, and fulfillment.

Today is the perfect day to explore what you intend to do, be, or experience more of in your life,


I've got 16 Ways to help you do just that!

1)  Set firmer boundaries

2)  Monitor your inner dialogue & shut down self-criticism

3)  Avoid gossip and complaining

4)  Limit your interactions with people who bring you down

5)  Turn off the news

6)  Eat more fruits & vegetables

7)  Carry clearing stones like clear quartz or citrine in your purse or pocket

8)  Do a quick Reiki self-treatment before you go into work, or on your break

9)  Create a daily, morning routine for self-care and stick to it—no matter what

10)  Unfriend or unfollow some folks on social media

11)  Forgiveness. Do a release ritual (more than once if needed)

12)  Go outdoors and walk barefooted in the grass (hopefully, it's warm out!)

13)  Get rid of any items that you can't stand having in your space 

14)  Feng Shui! Add some indoor plants & the sound of running water to your home or office

15)  Get Reiki Therapy: chakra balancing, aura cleansing, crystal therapy, etc.

16)  Use affirmations to break through limiting thought patterns, such as: "I AM an expression of unconditional love—whole, perfect, and complete."



Post a comment below this blog sharing one thing that you're willing to let go of this week.

I can't wait to read your comment :)


In Peace & Beauty,



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