Naturopathic Reiki Therapy

Naturopathic Reiki Therapy

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Naturopathic Reiki Therapy is an extension of the Usui system of Reiki with elements of Kemetic Reiki (Sekhem), and several other holistic therapies.

For more information about what Reiki is, it's benefits, history, and how it works, please click here to read "What is Reiki?"

Reiki supports physical and emotional pain relief, balances emotions, strengthens the immune system, decreases stress, reduces tension, and promotes restful sleep. It also enhances stamina, intuition, meditation, spiritual awareness, and self-awareness.

All Sessions Include

A brief check-in (plus intake for first-time clients) followed by guided meditation, aura therapy (assessment, cleanse, rebuild), chakra assessment, Reiki channeled through light touch (or distance healing method), chakra balancing, and a session debrief to discuss your experience and follow-up recommendations.

Sessions may also include affirmations, chakra therapy, crystal therapy, essential oil therapy, breath work, sound healing, and advanced elemental therapy based on individual needs at the time of treatment.

House calls are available within the Dallas/Fort Worth area for sessions lasting 60 minutes or longer, and will incur an additional travel fee.

Distance sessions are available by phone or Skype.


Individual Sessions

(In Person Only) 45 Minutes:  $90   BOOK NOW

(In-Person & Distance) 60 minutes: $120   BOOK NOW

Multiple Sessions (Bundle & Save)

(In-Person & Distance)

(3) 60 minute Sessions: $360 $345 (save $15)   BOOK NOW

(6) 60 minute Sessions: $720 $680 (save $40)   BOOK NOW

*House calls require a 60 minute minimum, plus an additional travel fee based on the location of recipient.*

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I specialize in helping women to rediscover themselves and release emotional baggage, so that they can create their ideal life experiences and relationships. I look forward to supporting you on your journey to self-love.

~Dominique Wilson, RMT