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How To Take A Spiritual Bath

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For thousands of years salt has been revered as the universal purifier. Every aspect of life can benefit from a pinch of salt—our body, food, water, tools, and even energetic spaces (think of ceremonial magic, purification rites, house blessings, and aura cleansings).

sea salt, dead sea salt, sea salt bath, bath salt, bath therapy, self-love, self-careThe way we experience life is a reflection of our energy in any given moment. Our energy is determined by our perception,which is created from our thought atmosphere.

The atmosphere of our thought is definitely influenced by how we care for our physical body, so it's important to be proactive and intentional.

We will forever experience highs and lows—that's life. A spiritual bath with sea salt a a tool we can use to guide our awareness back into balance.

sea salt, dead sea salt, salt bath, sea salt bath, therapeutic bath, detox bath, spiritual bath, bath salt

Taking spiritual baths is a practice of physical, mental, and spiritual hygiene. Not only does warm salt water promote detoxification of the body through the skin, but also realigns our conscious awareness with the perfect balance that's always present.

Balance exists in every aspect of creation, therefore life is characterized by ebb and flow. Releasing energy that no longer serves the highest expression of who we are is one of the greatest acts of self-love we can carry out.

Purifying ourselves is a crucial step in balancing emotions, reducing stress and anxiety, inner child work, core wound healing, shadow work, forgiveness, womb wellness, and so much more.

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Are you experiencing creative blockages, fogginess, emotional pain,or a heavy heart? Try incorporating sea salt bath therapy into your daily self-care routine.

spiritual bath, therapeutic bath, detox bath, sea salt bath, dead sea salt bath, self-care, self-love

Bathing is an art in motion. Follow these creative tips to get the most out of your experience.

Tip #1  —  Create Sacred Space

Creating sacred space is the act of grounding while surrounding ourselves with thought energy of pure love—it sets a boundary that allows us to become present and go within no matter where we are.

Be intentional about the atmosphere you create around your bath. Make sure you won't be disturbed for at least 30 minutes, leave your cell phone behind, and avoid alcohol consumption.

Tip #2  —  Set An Intention

Before you get into the tub, think about what you want to experience. Stillness, relaxation, clarity, connection, greater self-love, harmony in your's up to you.

The natural ingredients in our Sacred Beauty Bath Salt support self-esteem, confidence, emotional healing, healthy relationships, and seeing the divine beauty who we are.

Whatever your intention, focus on the feelings of peace, stillness, harmony and love.

Tip #3  —  Be Present

The easiest way to be present is really getting into the physical experience of your body through the aesthetic senses.


Natural light is gentle on the eyes, and supports relaxation as the mind stills. Turn off the lights to take advantage of the daylight pouring in through your bathroom window.

Enjoy the silent flickering of candles around the tub.


Silence, guided meditations, instrumental music, nature sounds or the ambient noise of your surroundings are beautiful ways to honor your space.

For free guided meditations visit the Meditation Oasis Podcast, or download the smartphone app called Calm. If you're into Pandora, check out stations like Calm Meditation and Chill for mood music.


Add essential oils to a nearby diffuser or directly to your bath water. Simply experience the beautiful aromas without judging them.

Some oils are stimulating while others promote relaxation so choose scents that support your intention.

Use skin-safe essential oils only avoiding them entirely if you're pregnant, and be sure not to overdo it—a little goes a long way. Incense may not be the best choice due to the amount of smoke in a confined area.

Tip #4  —  Work With Crystals

Crystals carry the earthy energy of various minerals. They can support your spiritual work while in the bath.

Place them around the edge of the tub, into the water, or over your chakras (certain stones are incompatible with water so do your research).

There are so many to choose from based on your intentions. Read about our 5 favorites here!



 What's your favorite way to take a bath?

Has it impacted you on your journey?

Please share in the comments below!

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