From Pain To Purpose

From Pain To Purpose by Dominique Wilson

Last month I shared my story for the first time publicly at a local organization, and something amazing happened...

A woman approached me after the talk, and asked if I was willing to share my story with her daughter as a source of encouragment.

Of course I agreed, and later as more expressions of gratitude poured in from the audience members, it finally hit me:

My story is NOT all about me.

The reason we all go through trials in life is so that we can:

1)  Get a clear on who we are, and...

2)  Express our unique gifts into the world in service to one another with genuine empathy.

Truth is,

Every experience you've ever had is an essential part of the beautiful masterpiece that you ARE right now.

Back in 2012,

I'd had enough.

I packed my bags, bought a one-way ticket, and left my ex-husband for good!

Now, I won’t tell you that leaving was a piece of cake.

I had an amazing community, great friendships, nearby family, and the pleasure of pursuing my passion in the one city I love most.


I also won’t tell you that trying to please everyone else, and save my marriage was worth the steady decline of my dignity and self-respect.

Behind the smile, I was miserable because I knew deep down that my life was meant for more.

How I Found My Purpose

Do you ever feel trapped? Like real you is inside—yearning to be seen and heard for who you 

really are, but silenced by your circumstances? Marriage? Roles? Fears?

That used to be me as a young adult.

I spent many years searching for my purpose in the wrong places, which led to people-pleasing behavior.

hid my true voice, gifts, passions, and dreams from the world—terrified of being seen for who I really was and rejected.

Fast-forward to 2012...

My 10-year relationship ended in a divorce, and everything I thought I knew about myself, life, and love had come crashing down with it.

I was absolutely devastated, and I questioned everything. This was my rock bottom.

For the first time ever, the illusion was shattered—I realized that I didn’t have a clear sense of my identity or purpose.

Little did I know then...

When life gives us a second chance, it doesn't always come wrapped in a pretty package.

Just know that the sun is about to rise on you again.

This sparked in me a hunger like never before to know myself and love her fiercely!

I knew deep down that my life was meant for more, so I began to an inward journey of self-care—journaling, meditation, spiritual baths, affirmations, eating well, and becoming my ideal partner.

I now see my story a rich source of inspiration, empowerment, and education that I can share with other women all over the world.

How To Embrace Transformation Gracefully

Transformation often happens after a major life change or crisis—divorce, trauma, loss of a loved one, geographical move, etc

No matter what the circumstances are, embracing transformation gracefully starts with your inner dialogue.

First, it's listening to that little voice within that never leaves you...the voice that gently reminded me in the midst of my storm, 

“You are not broken. You were created perfect, whole, and complete...

You alone are responsible for your life, and you get to choose how you show up in it."

Second, it's asking yourself a powerful question.

Your mind is obedient to you in that it will grant an answer to whatever you ask it.

When I chose to ask, "How does it get any better than this?”

It opened up infinite possibility, and therein I discovered my path of power and purpose.

I was able choose what happens next.

The only thing holding us back from living the life we really want is our belief about who we think we are.

You stand in your full power when you ask powerful questions.

This is how you navigate the storms of life—your answers are your compass.

Here's Today's Assignment:

Post your answers in the comment section below:

1)  Choose one area of your life in which you're not satisfied right now, and answer the question: "How does it get any better than this?"

2)  What's just one step you can take today to transform that desire into your reality?


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