4 Steps to Discover Your Purpose by Dominique Wilson
Discovering your purpose begins with getting clear on who you are are, what inspires you, and tapping into the genius you already bring to life. Self-awareness is awakening to your true nature so that you can align your human behavior and decisions in a ways that allows you to show […]

4 Steps to Discover Your Purpose

  Do you dream of making a positive impact on the world? Are you pretty clear how your big vision will finally look once it all comes together, but unsure of how to actually get started? Whether you're a creative, solopreneur, stay-at-home-mompreneur (like me), holistic practitioner, small business owner, or a multipassionate […]

5 Reasons to Start Blogging

How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome | Dominique D. Wilson
It’s funny how the idea of sales makes us nervous, but we've got no problem sweet-talking ourselves out of a blessing... The moment I decided to step into my power, and purchase that 1-way ticket to NYC… I immediately noticed limiting thoughts beginning to surface… As if they didn’t exist […]

How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Free Websites Aren't Worth It | Dominique D. Wilson
I've noticed lots of holistic businesses using free websites, or having no website at all because they don't see a need for one.   As a creative entrepreneur in today’s world—you need a professional website, whether you're selling soap, jewelry, freelance services, coaching, etc.   Here's a few reasons why: […]

Free Websites Aren’t Worth It

Take Inspired Action by Dominique D. Wilson
Why You Need To Get Started Today Have you gotten started yet? That business you've been talking about... That book you said you'd write... That blog you've been thinking about creating... There's no better time than now to take inspired action toward your purpose. I believe that each of us […]

Why You Need to Get Started Today

Knowing When It's Time to Let Go by Dominique D. Wilson
What do you need to let go of so that you can soar? There are 3 things that I absolutely love about Fall: Cooler weather, the the vibrant energy of women empowering women everywhere I turn, and gentle reminders from nature about the power of letting go! Because October is […]

Knowing When It’s Time To Let Go

The Power of Owning Your Story by Dominique Wilson
The Power of Owning Your Story Imagine you’ve been walking steadily along a path, and decide to pause briefly... You turn and look back—expecting to see familiar stones and grass.   BUT... Instead you watch in awe as flecks of light dance across of millions of gemstones that glisten as […]

The Power of Owning Your Story